Information Roundup

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An Army of the Informed

In times like these, its easy to feel lost and hopeless. Remember, fear is not an emotion but a spirit. Watch this, and be inspired! Veterans everywhere are preparing to fight for freedom once more.

Follow Deadpool_dad on Clapper, click the above link to see his tactical training videos

Daily radio show updates on the fight for our freedom by a non-conspiracy theorist, Steven K Bannon. Steve does not do conspiracies or rabbit holes, his content is easy to digest.

If I could only buy one book on the Constitution, government and freedom, this would be it.

You have to snail-mail an order form click here

Lunar Sabbath calculator link. Commandment #4: "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy"

Guess what? God didn't create the Gregorian calendar, or days of the week as we know them. 

Brent Johnson's blog posts on the latest happenings all over the world in an attempt to strip the whole planet and her people of their freedom.

My Top 3 Patriots' Channels

Former Navy SEAL/CIA contractor, Afghanistan veteran, decorated war hero, intuitive warrior

AKA Patriot Streetfighter, Scott rains down fire and brimstone on the Global Elite Cabal sickos. He often brings on guests talking about everything from bucking the system, gold/silver, intel

The "Health Ranger" shares insight into not only healty living but also prepping, consciousness, and self-sustainable living. I always love his choice of guests, and he is good friends with Scott McKay

Click the header link above to follow my content on Brighteon. While I intended my channel to be about horsemanship and ranch life, it has evolved into an entirely different beast educating people about their God-given rights, prepping, political commentary and news. As we take our freedom and our world back, this channel will return more significantly to its original purpose of horsemanship and ranch life. Until then, we fight the good fight and take back our power!

If you've never seen Janet Ossebaard's Fall Cabal 10-part series, or Fall Cabal Part Sequel, 18-part series, please watch them all here on her Bitchute channel! Janet does an excellent job connecting all the slimy family names, bloodlines, and their evil companies. She connects the invisible cobweb lines linking everything together, and how they are playing a major roll in every corner of our world today. Of course, I wouldn't tell you to go watch something if it was doom and gloom, and didn't end well or at least have a possible solution- THIS THING ENDS AWESOME! AND, ITS ENDING SOON!

Visit Clay Clark's website to watch his Rumble channel, find jobs that don't require jabs, then scroll down to the grid-board of topics like- "why masks don't work", "the truth about Covid", "the truth about Fauci" and many more truths! I'll ask you one favor- PLEASE SHARE HIS SITE WITH ONE PERSON YOU KNOW. Text it, message it, Telegram it.... just one person and ask them to do the same.