CSC’s Survival Prep List

Attached, I have created a printable 28-page mini guide + Rural Survival Prep List. Why is it specific to rural North America? To be brassly honest, if you live in a city your chances of survival are slim to none. You’re about to experience “I Am Legend” in real-time.

When I get asked questions from city-dwellers like, “why do you have fences?”, “why do you carry a gun?”, “how long does it take you to pick up the poop after you ride your horse around your ranch….. and who picks up all that poop??”….. my immediate head-voice response is, “you’re dead in 5 minutes” (in a survival situation). Actually, it’s more like they’re instantly dead when Starbucks and Buffalo Wild Wings isn’t open. Of course I smile, try my best to implement my seldom-used rusty filter, and at least answer the fences question with, “because good fences make good neighbors…. just like secure borders.”

And, yes…. those are REAL questions from real ranch guests we’ve tolerated for 2 hours trail riding. I couldn’t make those up if I tried!

Of course if you live in suburban America, you’re not left out. I don’t find that an ideal survival situation, but hopefully you have a hunting property or group of friends with a group wilderness compound you can reach easily with these preps already there waiting. If you do currently live in a city, or suburban North America, but keep feeling the pulling urge to GET OUT OF THERE- listen! Get out now! Last year would’ve been better, but don’t wait a second longer. Figure it out! This list will help you too.

Download the list below

Download PDF • 1.92MB

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