God, Why Me? Standing Up Strong, a Man Named Job

In this crazy world we live in, a seeming constant battering hurricane of Covid, Deep State tricks, freedom stripping at every level, lockdowns, "mandatory" everything, mask and social distancing Satanic ritual enforcement, and now the coercion of everyone from healthcare workers, big box employees, law enforcement, to airline and transportation employees to take an experimental POISON, it seems America is getting sucker-punched from every direction. What ever happened to "my body my choice"? The answer is, it's no longer needed for the fake narrative. And it never was about your actual body or your choice anyway. Yet another example of Deep State sicko propaganda.

So what's next? Mandatory jabs..... or you no longer have a job. That's a stark reality for many. Choose between feeding your kids, keeping your home paid for, lights on, food on the table, and gas in your tank.... all as every one of those things have exploded in price with inflation that Jen Psaki says "doesn't exist", or more recently "is actually good". Eye roll, and I just threw up in my mouth a little thinking about that thing. Way to ruin redheads for the rest of forever!

Many Americans have made the excruciating choice to do the RIGHT THING, however. Although they honestly don't know how they'll make their next mortgage payment, car payment, feed their family or keep the lights on, more and more brave Americans have decided to stand strong. This wasn't a flippant choice. I'm sure many honestly considered sacrificing their life through vaccine suicide just to keep their family fed and cared for however long they may live after the jab. Let me tell you how sad that is. I've honestly ran myself through the real-life scenario in my head if I was one of these people having to make that tough decision. And yes, there are times in my life I would have questioned if I should just sacrifice myself to keep the rest of my family fed for a while.....maybe they'd get a good insurance payout after I'm gone.... is this life really worth living right now?

THE ANSWER IS YES! YOU WERE CHOSEN FOR A TIME SUCH AS THIS. Have you wondered though, why me God? Why am I the one put in this position to choose? Why can't this be someone else? God, why my family? I've worked my ass off for YEARS, everyday, not asking for a handout, living right the best I can..... and this is how it ends? WHY God, WHY?!

As an empath, not only can I mentally run myself very realistically through this scenario, I also FEEL the feelings of family members going through this scenario right now. Even people I don't even know, reading their stories online.... it's like a shot to the heart and suddenly my chest fills with anxiety, it's hard to breathe, all the thoughts they're thinking racing through my head as if they were my own. Choosing between a job and a jab. Kissing their retirement they worked their youth away for goodbye. Throwing away all the struggle and uphill climb to earn those stripes, the rank, the pay, a comfortable life for their family. But trust me, if I feel this just reading about perfect strangers, and feeling the feelings of family members thousands of miles away..... don't think for one moment God forgot about you. He didn't bring you this far to fail.

Have you read about Job? His story is easy find, the book of the Bible with his story is named after him. The book of Job. Job was a good man, he lived his life doing what was right. He was also an extremely wealthy man, and was blessed because he worked hard, was faithful to God, and honorable. But one day, Satan went up to heaven and challenged God- he told God that given enough torment, Job would quickly curse God. So, Satan was allowed to torment Job. All of Job's livestock were stolen or died, all his children died, his house was destroyed by extremely odd weather. Although Job was frustrated, heartbroken, and now destitute, he still didn't curse God. Satan's torture didn't end there. He wasn't satisfied (he never is). So Satan goes back to God and challenges him again, betting that Job will surely curse Him if his health is taken away. God has SO MUCH faith in Job, that he allows Satan this test with the condition that he cannot kill Job. Job suddenly develops horrible painful oozing skin sores all over his body! Job's own wife comments that he is so pitiful he should just curse God, lay down and die. Wow! I know someone that should be thinking about divorce after his trials are over......

But here's the thing about the long painful story of Job's tests- HE HAS NO IDEA GOD WAS FIGHTING THE DEVIL OVER HIM! Think about that for a moment- Job is not privy to the fact that Satan himself took so much interest in him, that he went directly to heaven and petitioned God to use him as a betting tool! God is SO certain Job can handle every one of these tribulations, so confident in Job's unshakable faith, that he ALLOWS the devil to test him.

What if this very thing is going on in heaven right now? What if Satan is speaking with God right this very moment saying, "You know your people in America will fold like a cheap suitcase", "Have You SEEN how weak these Netflix binging idiots are??", "Americans don't care about You!", "You (God) are not in America anymore, they forgot all about you".......

Can you imagine?! God's response, "Test my people, they will remain faithful like my servant Job".

Something else I find ironic about the story of Job- his name, J-O-B spells "job" in English, and Satan is testing him with pestilence, death all around him, manufactured weather, and plague. Eerily similar to today, people being tested everywhere through their jobs and with an intentionally cooked up plague. Job's very will is being tested, and Satan doesn't believe he can withstand all the pressure.

Do you know what happened in the rest of the story? Because Job remained faithful (although he did complain and vent a lot, who can blame him?), he never gave up, never cursed God, and didn't join forces with evil, God blessed him with even more wealth than he had before, and more children that were noted as the most beautiful children in all the land. The ending for Job was an amazing one! From rock-bottom, to even more rock-bottom when there didn't seem to be any lower to go, and then shot like a rocket far beyond the wonderful rich life he had before! I have a feeling this is what is coming for you, especially if you're one of the chosen being tested through your job to stand strong. DON'T GIVE UP! God hasn't forgotten about you! Stay faithful, stand in your truth. The best really is yet to come!

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