Terrain Theory

We've all heard about "Germ Theory" invented by Louis Pasteur. You probably learned about it in grade school, and likely had its principals and "approved theory" material in school exams. What if I told you around the same time there was another brilliant scientist that had an alternate sensical theory? What if I told you David Rockefeller loved the potential for fear-mongering, essentially making money off the fear-porn generated by Louis Pasteur's theory?

Let's start here- essentially EVERYTHING you've been told your whole life is a lie. Everything you learned in school most definitely. Once you start to accept this fact, your life will be much easier to swallow moving forward. Especially with the revelations of reality that ARE coming swiftly. Now let's refresh quickly what "Germ Theory" is, and what that means being used in modern western medicine as the accepted biomechanics of health. "Germ Theory" very basically says that you get sick when your body is invaded by germs. Period. So anything and everything you touch has germs, they are going to make you sick, and that some will make you die if you touch them. The world and every surface on it has germs. So don't go anywhere, don't touch anything, otherwise you will get sick and die. That's it. That's germ theory.

So what's the problem? Well the problem with Germ Theory is, we have germs of every kind living inside our bodies this very moment. Some are even specific to different regions. Your nose has certain germs that live in it, your throat specific germs, even the skin on your face! Your dog has germs, the dirt has germs, chickens have germs, eggs have germs, your gut has germs, your smart phone has a whole lot of germs....... so why don't we all die since none of us live in sterilized sealed up homes? Is it Lysol? Does Lysol keep us alive? Not even close! The other problem with Germ Theory is that it doesn't take into consideration the health of the host of these germs. Wether the host is you, me, your dog, your neighbors cat, or the dirt in your garden, all germ hosts have varying levels of relative "health" and strength. If you are healthy and strong, germs aren't a problem. They don't make you sick. If you are weak, and unhealthy, germs can make you very sick. This is now the basics of Terrain Theory. It looks at germs and host health as a whole. Doesn't that make a whole lot more sense?

Germ Theory- all germs are bad and no matter how strong or weak you are, germs will kill you! Kill all the germs quick!

Terrain Theory- some germs are good, some germs are bad. The bad germs are nothing to fear if you are strong and healthy!

Now, to me, Germ Theory sounds a lot more like the crap they spew on the nightly news.... AKA "fear porn". This unsavory term basically just means someone is selling you a whole lot of over fabricated stress and anxiety. As if we need more of that in our world! But, I'll tell you something else pretty interesting- David Rockefeller was a fear-porn capitalist. He was like an evil genius. Rockefeller understood how the human brain works. There's many books from that time on psychological advertising that utilize this pretty unfairly. It's exactly the same reasons people watch the news today, and why the news never has much good to say. Your brain is wired with a preservation mechanism to specifically notice and remember any information or experiences that could be "negative", experiences that harm you, stories about something harming someone else, danger in general. Your brain does this to keep you safe. To keep you alive. Unfortunately, this is and has been an EXTREMELY lucrative business to be in for thousands of years- selling fear. Rockefeller was (just like today's evil geniuses like Bill Gates) a billionaire through selling fear, propaganda, making problems and selling the "cures". See? Evil genius. When he learned about Germ Theory, he knew he'd hit pay dirt! What a sicko!

Now, obviously Terrain Theory, discovered by Claude Bernard, later expounded upon by Antoine Bechamp, did not fit into the fear-mongering salesmanship of what eventually became the Rockefeller Foundation. Who, by the way started the World Heath Organization (WHO), began the manufacturing and distribution of all modern vaccines, and still majorly funds the American Medical Association just to point out the tip of the iceberg. Quite the opposite, Terrain Theory taught healing and strengthening the host's overall health, not just killing germs as a "cure". You can never "kill all the germs" anyway. Life would cease to exist altogether! The "cure" to all disease is creating a strong whole body and immune system. If you have that, you have health. Terrain Theory uses sunshine, good healthy food, minerals, good water, and exercise to create a strong host- thereby eliminating the need to worry about all these viruses/bacteria/parasites floating around everything in and on our world. Germ Theory on the other hand made a clear money-making opportunity- selling vaccines as the one and only cure. Making chemical prescription drugs to kill the germs. Kill all the germs quick, before they kill you! Hurry up, take this shot! Don't worry about the pint of ice cream, gallon of sugary soda, and preservative-laden fast food you eat all day every day. Have another potato chip, but take this vaccine and you'll be fine! Hell, pour a bowl of Skittles for breakfast, just kill all the germs and you'll live! Be sure to have good insurance to pay for all these vaccines, prescriptions, and doctor visits to keep the vaccines and prescriptions coming to keep killing all those deadly germs!

You know what the evil Rockefellers haven't invested in? Sunshine, clean air, clean soil, healthy productive natural foods...... those can't be sold through fear-porn you see. But, vaccines and prescriptions can. In fact, you know what makes the most money through Germ Theory? Sick customers. Kill the germs, just NEVER address the underlying problem making the host susceptible to getting sick from germs. Whatever you do, don't do that! Just kill one species of the nine-hundred-thousand-billion germs that live in your body at a time. Next doctor visit, kill a second species of these germs. Great! What progress! TWO species of germs down, ninety-nine-thousand-nine-hundred and ninety-nine billion to go! PROGRESS!

WOW, Germ Theory is starting to sound a lot like....... Covid. Healthy people (hosts with a strong healthy immune system) have close to a 99.9% chance of surviving it. BUT GERMS!!!!! YOU'LL DIE!!!! Quick, get this shot! Take this Remdesivir (kills Covid "germs" AKA virus by preventing it from copying itself). It makes your body even weaker, and likely you'll die if you take it, but you won't die from from Covid germs! No matter if you're already weak and unhealthy from other underlying host-weakening things, take this and kill that germ! To finish driving the point home- this is exactly why during flu season weak hosts can die of the flu. A WEAK body and UNHEALTHY body is susceptible to all kinds of "germs"- cancer, bacterial infections, virus, etc. These ailments simply cannot live in a STRONG HEALTHY body!

Now that you understand how Terrain Theory works, and how Germ Theory doesn't, how the Rockefellers capitalized off selling the fear-mongering Germ Theory, funded the WHO and American Medical Association with Germ Theory as a treatment cornerstone to this day...... Do you know what Louis Pasteur's last words were (the founder of Germ Theory)?

"The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything"

Treat the patient, not the infection.

**Author's note- I am NOT a "trained" medical professional, but a highly studied critical thinker.**

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