What You Don’t Know About “Religion” & Holidays

Please watch the video I’m linking below. I suggest you pray, ask God to allow you to really listen, and gather what you need to know. Ask God to reveal the truth to you, and take away any indoctrinated bias you probably don’t even know you have. Ask God to open your heart and your ears. The TRUE origins of many “innocent“ Holidays we celebrate, and how Satanism was intermingled with many “churches”. Most people have NO CLUE and really are operating out of ignorance. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

And PS-

I’m not against anyone here. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t celebrate certain Holidays. My point here is exposing TRUTH. Whatever that may be. When you know the TRUTH, then you can make a better informed decision on what you will celebrate, how you will celebrate, and what to allow in your life. You do you.

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